Adult Ballet or Jazz

Promotes wellbeing, improves fitness, flexibility, balance, good posture, poise & strength. All while having fun in a group environment.

Adult Keep Fit

Tuesday & Thursdays 10 – 11 am.
A relaxed exercise class that includes elements of yoga, pilates & weight training.

Dance Groove Sundays 10.15 -11.00am 

It's time to try something a bit different & have fun. This class is aimed at adults.

No pain no gain is not necessary...But I think we will definitely feel our muscles!

No Special Gear needed, just something you can move easily in & comfortable shoes.

Learn to tune in, let your body groove and discover your own style.

Dance is good for the Soul and your are worth the investment!

You don’t have to learn a dance or perform at the concert… come try this fun class.